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When you think about printing, you automatically relate to Canon, simply because of their presence for the past few decades. They were indeed, the printer engine manufacturers for many popular printer brands such as HP and Apple LaserWriter. With so much to their credit, their printing machines are one of a kind, capable of multi-tasking and at the same time, providing quality outputs. Get an in-depth analysis of these devices from our Canon printer customer service team.

Choose from Top Models

There is a huge variety to choose from and here is a list of the types of printers that you can purchase from Canon, On purchase of any model from Canon, you will need to complete a few initial setup steps before putting the printer to good use.

Inkjet Single Function
Laser Single Function
Inkjet Multifunction
Black And White Laser
Crafting Printers
Home Office Printers
Large Format Scanners
Mega Tank Inkjet Printers

Setting up the printer

The setup process consists of many sub-processes and they need to be carried out sequentially to avoid Canon printer setup errors.

Before you begin

Take note of the following preliminary steps before you can start with your printer’s installation process.

Check out the user manual CD that came along with your printer. On a compatible computer, insert the CD ROM and wait for a pop-up screen to appear. Choose a language and then, click on the INSTALL button. Agree to any User or License Agreements and also, provide necessary permissions. In the meantime, ensure that all accessories belonging to the printer have arrived in good condition.  Remove any/all packing materials from your printer. These materials, if not removed properly, may cause functional issues in the printer.  After these are taken care of, proceed to the actual installation site along with the printer and the accompanying power cord.


Notable features

There are myriad features that the user can avail when they purchase a Canon printer with the inclusions of,

High Page Yield
Quiet Mode
LCD Touch Screen
Send To Cloud
Mini Print App
Epeat Silver
Auto Scan Mode
Easy Photoprint Editor
Downloadable Crafts
Amazon Alexa Support

Each feature is available with almost any Canon printer and helps different types of users with different functionalities. You could contact our Canon printer customer service team to learn how to move forward with the above-mentioned features.



This is nothing but placing your printing device at the desired location and then, connecting it to your PC or network.

First of all, connect the power cord to the rear end of the printer and the other end to a power source. Ensure that the surface on which the installation is happening is flat. If you are planning to setup a wireless connection, then place the device in close proximity to the router. Turn on power and wait for a welcome note to appear on the display screen. In some printer models, you will see all indication lights turning green at this time. This means that the printer is ready and you can continue with handling the printer’s settings. Insert the paper tray and also, load it with a comfortable number of papers (check the printer model or contact Canon printer customer service number for additional details)

Wireless Connect

Setting up the Canon printer without any wires is absolutely possible, for which you need

  • iPad, iPhone, or Android mobile device
  • Canon print app
  • Name and password of your wireless connection

When you possess these, then all you have to do is

Turn ON the printer and then, select the Wireless Connect button on your printer. In most cases, the wireless network’s name and password are automatically transferred to the Canon print app. If not, enter the network’s credentials when you receive a prompt for the same.


NOTE: You can start utilizing the printer for all its capabilities when it is connected in this mode


Connect to a computer

Most home printers and a few office printers are directly connected to a computer (PC) for initial setup.

  • Turn OFF both the printer and the computer and then, connect them using a USB cable
  • On the contrary, use a LAN cable to establish a connection between the printer and your computer
  • Now, turn ON the printer and the PC to check if the connection was successful
  • These are denoted by relevant INDICATION lights available on your printer
  • For a smooth connection with a Windows or Mac PC, install relevant driver files on your computer

Need Support For Your Canon Printer Setup?

Setup - Troubleshooting - Network Issues

Driver installation

Considered as a very essential step in the entire printer setup process, complete the driver installation with the help of these simple tips.

  • Select the appropriate printer drivers having in mind the device’s model number and also the PC’s OS version
  • During this process, make sure that you are performing the installation of the driver files necessary to accommodate all your printer functions
  • For instance, you can install a single driver for all functions – multifunction driver
  • Or, install several driver files for individual functions – print driver, scan driver, copy driver
  • This step will vary between different printer models

Get the best assistance in choosing appropriate driver files at Canon printer customer service number


Troubleshooting your Canon printer

There are many places where you can go wrong while installing or using your printer. That is when you need expert troubleshooting assistance, which you can find on our website. Some common issues Canon printer users generally face include,

  • In order to resolve power issues with respect to any printer model, follow these tips
  • Utilize an AC power outlet to connect the printer’s power cord
  • Avoid using surge protectors as they can sometimes cause hindrances in the power supply
  • Finally, check if the power cord is faulty and replace if necessary
  • Uninstall and reinstall the printer drivers if the printer is not recognized by your PC
  • Check the compatibility of the driver files with your printer model
  • And then, also check the compatibility of the driver files with your PC’s operating system version
  • Despite having all these checks, if you are still unable to rectify driver issues, contact the Canon printer customer service team.
  • Remove any jammed paper with the help of both hands
  • Places where the print media can get jammed include
    • Multi-purpose tray
    • Paper drawer
    • Duplex unit
    • Inside the output area
    • Inside the front cover
  • Once you clear out the paper jam, close the front cover firmly
  • Poor printouts are caused by the following reasons,
    • Paper curls
    • Paper creases
    • Cartridge issues
    • Toner issues
    • Other hardware issues
  • To rectify the above problems, identify the root cause and then, take the appropriate course of action
  • Some remedies include changing the cartridges or toners, feeding print media properly and general maintenance of the printer

When you receive an error message on the printer’s display screen, then make a note of the following antidotes

  • Disconnect the power cord and other cables from the printer
  • If necessary, perform a reset of the device
  • For specific error messages such as “Paper is jammed” or “Image browser data error” call the Canon printer support phone numberfor a quick fix
  • Other common error messages are
    • SD card error
    • Not enough spool memory
    • Insert toner cartridge
    • Set below paper
    • PDF error
    • XPS rendering error
    • Output tray is full
    • Print data version error
    • E003-nnnn (n denotes a number)
    • Do not turn the main power OFF

How we can help

As a technical assistance team, we have been handling printer installation and setup issues for many years now. Our website and our tech experts provide the best-in-class service to all our customers through the Canon printer customer service open 24/7. Reach out to our team with the help of the toll-free number and get the right solution to any Canon printer issue. Besides, also find educative blogs and articles, periodically updated on our website, carrying the latest technological trends and topics.


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