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Canon Printer Setup

In the fast-paced professional environment, effective printers are very necessary to tackle everyday complex works. If you are dependable on printers with a malfunction, then it may cause further more issues and hamper all your works. Various printer brands are introducing themselves with unique and fascinating features, which can help a lot in finishing the printing tasks. Especially, by the integration of mobile and internet, printing job seems to be easier than ever. Canon printers facilitate seamless printing options with various multifunctional models at affordable price ranges. Here we are going to have a discussion about the printer setup process by

Categories of the Printer Under Canon

As you all know that Canon brand has focused on multiple electronic devices such as camera, computer drives, etc. By keeping the prime focus towards printers, the platform is generating differing printer models, which could gratify the user’s anticipation over the functionality and affordability. Some of the printer types available under canon are,

  • Small office printers
  • Home inkjet printers
  • Mega tank
  • Large format printers
  • Photo inkjet printers
  • Instant camera & portable printer
  • All in one inkjet printer etc.

Whether it is photo printing or normal document printing tasks, canon holds a separate printer model with unique features to get the perfect output. Here the topic is about the inkjet printer setup and this inkjet printer model is very effective for the moderate printing usage. You can go for the inkjet type if you are expecting to print a nominal number of prints with at most quality Steps

Preliminary Setup

In the first place, unbox the printer package and find out the basic accessories for the connection such as power cord, print head, ink cartridges, disk tray, matte photo paper, driver installation CD, and printer

  • Remove the tapes and wrappings on the surface of printer parts and also check inside the tray gaps
  • Always prefer the original printer accessories to make the connection and get appropriate outputs. In case of using random accessories, chances are there to get issues in the functioning
  • Now, take the power cord and connect one end to the printer port on the backside and another end to the wall power supply
  • Turn on the printer by pressing the power button, which you can find from the control panel
  • The mode of activation is the same for all the printer models, with or without touch screen control panel, where you should follow the similar steps for setup

Secondary Setup

  • Raise the print head lock lever and insert the print head in the slot
  • Subsequently, remove the orange seal, that you can find on the ink cartridges and insert and cartridges firmly to the appropriate slots
  • Remove the paper input tray, adjust the width guides and insert the paper stack to the tray

Installation of Canon Printer Driver

The canon printer drivers is an essential one to enable the communication between your printer and computer. That’s why you have got your installation CD in your package. Go for the installation process either by CD/downloading from the website

  • In your computer browser, navigate to the site, enter your printer name and model number
  • Search for the printer web page and download the driver software for your model
  • Extract the files and install the driver in your PC and finish the initial steps like selecting the connectivity mode, residence etc
  • Accept the terms and conditions and detect your printer by connecting using the USB cable/wireless connection
  • If you are facing any difficulties in detecting your printer on the PC, just connect using the USB cable
  • Adjust other settings options for the alignment and click the print test page option to take your sample print

To enable the wireless connection, it is ought to connect your printer and computer to the same internet network/access point. Click the network option and go for the wireless connection to scan and select the network name

Selecting the appropriate driver is a significant step to encounter in the setup process. So, choose the right file, install and connect your PC

For furthermore queries about process, just ring our team by the toll-free number +1-844-373-1910 or visit Canon Print Customer Service and get easy steps through voice instructions

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