How To Setup Canon ImageCLASS D1650 Wireless Black-and-White Printer?

Canon ImageCLASS D1650 Setup

With the aid of Canon imageCLASS D1650 Wireless Black-and-White you can print at the speeds of 45 pages per minute. Have the first print in your hands in six seconds. This printer can keep pace with the fast phased environment of your home and office. This printer is created for small and medium sized work groups. It has the feature to increase the paper capacity for the busy groups. The touch screen in this printer provides intuitive user experience. This can be personalized by the user to simplify the daily tasks. To know more about Canon imageCLASS D1650 setup, you can follow the points below.

Canon ImageCLASS D1650 Setup

Canon ImageCLASS D1650 Setup

Canon imageCLASS D1650 Wireless Black-and-White Printer Setup

  • Remove the tape on the printer box by tilting it
  • Take out the ink cartridges out of the box
  • If you have purchased an ink tank printer it will come built-in and cannot be taken off
  • The Canon printers have a minimum of four ink cartridges or maximum of six
  • Find out if you have got the ink cartridges suitable for the printer model
  • Look for any covers and tapes on the printer and take it away when you see any

Downloading Canon Printer Driver

You can download the driver from the link directly. The driver is changeable based on the printing requirements. It is a full on package that has many software applications for printing, scanning, auto-installation and many more. There are many utility tools offered along with the driver that assists you to fix many issues with the Canon printer. Tap the driver download button according to the OS of the computer and the driver.

The driver is the authentic and supplies access to the basic jobs of the printer. If you need software and utility tools then you can go to the printer model page and then use it.

Driver for Canon imageCLASS D1650 Wireless Black-and-White

  • If you have got the installation CD then go along with the process below. Use the file which is downloaded from the site and then go along with the methods on the screen that appears
  • Power off the Canon printer at the time of software installation
  • Power on the windows computer and then insert the installer CD
  • Press Run “Msetup4.exe” if you can find the auto play screen on the system
  • Press continue on the screen that appears
  • On the box press easy install and when you see the list of contents in the window check if you require it for the printer and then press install
  • Check with the terms and conditions and the when the setup method appears on the screen select USB at the type of connection and link the USB cable to the printer and computer
  • Power on the Canon printer and then wait for the setup to finish
  • If the user registration screen shows press next offer the details and then press on Finish to complete the process of installation

How to Connect Canon ImageCLASS D1650 Wireless Black-and-White to Wi-Fi?

If you are a window’s user you can utilize the CD provided with the printer to install the driver. The mac users can download the essential drivers from the official site. You have to insert the CD in the system’s DVD/CD and just wait for the startup to display on the screen

  • Press Next and then check if your Canon printer is active
  • Ensure if the power light is stable and then press on the Next screen that shows on the screen
  • Press connect to the network tab and then tap Cableless setup on the screen
  • When you are using the Cableless setup screen click and hold the printer’s wifi button when the orange light flashes twice
  • Release the button when you see the light flashing second time
  • Check if the wifi’s blue light is flashing quickly and power is flashing green light
  • Click the Next in the screen and when the screen appears choose the region and then select the respective one and then press next
  • Choose the location and press next
  • If the software installation screen shows choose the file and it will display
  • Click next in the two windows that appears and click complete which will finish the Cableless setup

To know more about the Canon imageCLASS D1650 setup you can give a ring to our expert support team @ +1-844-373-1910 or visit Canon printer customer service.

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