Canon Maxify MB2750 Printer Setup and Troubleshooting

Canon MAXIFY MB2750 All-In-One Colour Inkjet Printer is one of the most selling models of Canon. It can reduce the space taken up by a copy machine, a printer and a fax machine, by doing all of this. The printer is extraordinarily slick looking and is pretty light weight considering the heavy-duty printer it is.

In this piece, we will take you through the setup process of a Canon Maxify MB2750 printer and how to print, copy a document or send it through fax. Please follow the steps carefully.

Canon Maxify MB2750 Printer

Setting up a Canon Maxify MB2750 printer

  1. Unbox the printer
  2. Check for damages or missing accessories
  3. If all is in place, please connect the printer to the power using the power cable that came with the printer.
  4. Press the On button on the printer and wait for the LED light to turn green.
  5. After the light turns green, please go ahead and open the input paper tray.
  6. Please make sure that you load only the recommended amount of papers. If you overload the input tray, there are chances that your printer will malfunction and not perform optimally.
  7. After the papers are in the input tray, open the cartridge door on top of the printer.
  8. Load the tray with the cartridge that came with the printer. If you didn’t get one with the printer, please make sure to buy one.
  9. Now that you have the power, the cartridge, and the papers, the printer should automatically print a sample paper.
  10. If the alignment does not seem right, please go ahead and manually align the Canon Maxify MB2750 printer-head.

Connecting the printer with the computer

Before you connect the printer with the computer, you must make sure that the printer device driver is installed on the computer. To do that, you will have to download the printer on the computer beforehand.

You can find the printer device driver in Canon’s website or in any authentic site that deals with printer device drivers. To download the right driver, please make sure that you specify two things right. One, the printer model, and two the operating system in which your computer runs.

The printer model here is the Canon Maxify MB2750 printer. During the installation, the Canon installation wizard will help you with the setup via on-screen instructions. You can establish this connection using the USB cable that comes along with the printer.

Using the printer

Now that the printer installation is complete, and you have the printer’s device driver installed on your computer, you will have to go ahead and sample print a paper. If all seems right, then please go ahead and check for the other features as well.

To copy a paper, you will have to place the paper on the copies tray and use the settings. Customize the size of paper, the zoom level and the color scales before you try to copy the printer.

To be able to send a fax, you will have to have a telephone modem connected to your printer, or to the computer that the printer is connected. Once you do that, you can send or receive faxes from your Canon Maxify MB2750 printer.

As a product of Canon, the Canon Maxify MB2750 printer lives up to the expectations you’d have a printer. It’s heavy duty, low maintenance and the ability to handle multiple print jobs at once. Visit canon printer customer service for more help.

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