The Simple Steps For Canon Pixma TS8150 Wireless Setup and Installation

Canon Pixma TS8150 Wireless Printer

Complete the Canon Pixma TS8150 wireless setup by downloading the relevant drivers from the manufacturer’s website. The 359 mm x 372 mm device comes with a compact design to enable space-saving and ease of use. Smaller than the previous MG6200 series, the current Canon Pixma TS8150 is sleeker and great to look at and even weighs lesser. While accommodating different paper sizes simultaneously, the device also has provisions for rear and front paper feeding. The easy-to-use LCD touchscreen in the front panel measures around 10.8 cm. With a highly user-friendly interface, you can navigate across commands and menus smoothly.

Canon Pixma TS8150 Install

Accomplish the Canon Pixma TS8150 install and wireless setup conveniently by simply following onscreen instructions. When you receive the printer also check for receipt of the power cord, ink tanks for setup, CD ROM for your Windows PC, safety instructions’ manual and the Getting Started manual. Remove all the packing materials, including the orange tape under the scanning unit cover and from the back, connect the power cord diagonally – do not insert any other cables at this point.

  • Press the ON button at the operation panel
  • and then, drag the LCD to set the language
  • follow messages displayed on the screen
  • and, Click Next -> OK to complete your initial setup operations

Ink Tank Installation

  • Let the printer head move to an accessible position – avoid touching it while it resets itself
  • The ink tanks are wrapped with protective orange tape – remove them before placing them inside the printing device
  • Push the ink tank down into its place firmly till you hear it snap – to load them appropriately, check the LCD screen for color instructions
  • You can make sure that the tanks have been installed correctly by lifting the scanner cover and then closing it down
  • Check for an error message when you do this – if no errors appear, then it means that the tanks have been installed correctly

Paper Loading

  • Ensure that the paper you are loading into the tray is well-aligned and neat
  • Do not insert torn or crumpled paper
  • For best print results, pull the cassette out and remove its cover
  • Insert the A4 or LTR size paper and align it according to the width guides
  • The print side should be facing down
  • After aligning the paper guide, attach the cassette back into its space and look for a message on the screen -> at the message press Ok
  • A Print Head Alignment pattern page is printed – wait till the entire page finishes printing
  • Take the printed alignment page and load it on to the platen glass for scanning
  • Thereafter, press Ok and a message ‘Print head alignment is complete’ appears -> here, just press Ok

Canon Pixma TS8150 Wireless Setup

Canon Pixma TS8150 Wireless Setup

Canon Pixma TS8150 Wireless Setup

  • There are several connection methods available for the wireless on the printer
  • Use a wireless router to connect your smartphones and other internet-enabled devices
  • Depending upon your router type, sometimes, the connection steps might vary
  • Once the connection between the printer and the Wi-Fi is established, the device displays a Wi-Fi icon
  • Canon Pixma TS8150’s wireless setup can be accomplished in three simple steps – connect to the wireless internet -> install drivers -> check for wireless printing


  • Make sure your printer is powered on for the wireless setup process
  • On the LCD, go to the Setup menu -> choose Wireless LAN setup
  • Then your wireless access point name is discovered and displayed by the printer -> select it -> and thereafter, enter the wireless access point password
  • Then press End Setup -> a Connected to access point message is displayed
  • When you see the blue wireless light, it means the printer is connecting to the access point

Printer Driver

Unzip the driver file on the computer after downloading it from the Pixma Setup CD; and read the Welcome screen and click on Next. The printer starts detecting the driver and thereafter on the following screen, keep clicking on the Next button. You will then arrive at the Select Your Place of Residence screen -> here, choose your region -> keep clicking on the Next button. At the License Agreement screen, you must click on Yes to agree -> next -> complete.

For more information to accomplish your Canon Pixma TS8150 wireless setup call our agents @ +1-844-373-1910 or visit Canon Printer Customer Service site.

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