Download and Install the Canon Printer App for Your Android, Mac and Windows

Known as the Canon Pixma, the Canon Print App will enable you to print from any place from select Cloud services, for example, Facebook, Twitter, and Dropbox. The application helpfully stays away from the requirement for proximity while giving you a chance to interface remotely. You can audit your records and manuals and check the printer settings and you could also start a print from your mobile device as well.

The Fundamental Functionality of the Canon Printer App

  • The application executes Image Data Printing
  • Where users simply need to pick a picture or an accumulation of pictures from the Photo Albums
  • If you have quite recently snapped a picture, at that point perform Photograph Printing
  • You can connect a wide assortment of applications to print various kinds of records, for example, PDF, Microsoft Office documents and iWork documents
  • A Microsoft Office record can be printed with its unique design
  • This is also possible with the assistance of the Data Conversion Service on the web alongside a format amendment work
  • Print the Web Pages by entering a URL and showing a website page, and seeking with catchphrases

Canon Printer App Features

Canon Printer App

Canon Printer App

  • You could easily set paper sizes and modify print settings rapidly
  • You could print up to 20 pictures at a time simultaneously
  • The application accompanies a few print settings, for example, the number of pages, color mode, 2-sided printing and considerably more
  • In multi-functional devices and printers, print the available data storage facility
  • Search physically by determining the IP address/DNS of consequently detected devices on a system
  • The Canon Printer app supports both wired and wireless network gadgets

Download the Canon Printer App

  • To begin with the download, it is critical to check the possible connections for your network system
  • Then, you will have to hook up the wireless LAN access point with the mobile point terminal
  • Also, make sure you enable the Wi-Fi settings of your mobile device
  • Download and install the Canon Mobile Printing application once the majority of the above are confirmed and executable
  • Select the document, website page or picture or even gathering of pictures that you need to print and open the Preview Screen of the Canon Printer App
  • Tap on Printer, and from the Select Printer screen, choose the device you prefer to use for printing operations
  • Then, affirm the details of the data of the printer gadget that you have chosen by clicking on the Confirming Device Information
  • Execute either the automatic discovery of a device on the same network or manual search by specifying IP address/DNS for registering your device for the first time

Connect and Register Your Device With the App

  • From the Select Printer screen, the Canon Printer App enables you to enlist up to 10 gadgets at any given moment
  • Once you erase the enlisted device, execute a search operation and confirm the device information particularly if you have 10 gadgets enrolled
  • If the device is not found by the Select Printer option, then tap on the Auto Search option and enter the IP address of the device under Manual Search
  • You might need to check the system settings, the router, and the settings
  • Do this at the mobile terminal for totally undiscoverable gadgets
  • Do get in touch with your network administrator in the event of non-connectivity and non-discovery
  • For the Auto discovery process, tap on Auto Search under Select Printer screen to show the list of devices that you find
  • If you cannot find the device, then proceed with manual search by mentioning your IP address or DNS
  • After choosing the device, tap on the ADD option that you can see
  • You can find the registered device consequently on the Select Printer screen
  • Tap on manual search from the select printer screen and in the given space, give in the DNS name of the device or the IP address of the gadget
  • You will have to follow a different process named how to confirm the IP address of the device if you enter the IP address
  • Give in the FQDN or the host name for the DNS as FQDN will feature domain, sub-domain name
  • It also includes the configuration that incorporates the host name

For more information about the downloading and installing Canon printer app, call us at +1-844-373-1910 or visit Canon Printer Customer Service website.

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