How to Resolve the Canon Printer Not Responding Error?

Printers are currently the unavoidable need for everyday professional chores. Facing errors and mending printer issues, be it hardware or software, is a very normal thing. Canon printers are now the renowned printer models, which are largely included in the industrial purpose printing works. Recently, a nominal number of users have claimed that the printer is not responding properly at some intervals of their works. This error is commonly termed as the Canon Printer Not Responding issue.

Canon Printer Not Responding

Canon Printer Not Responding

This is actually one of the common errors regarding the printer device and several factors are there behind this error as the cause. If you are using a very old printer, this may be the cause that scraps your work. Likewise, owing to network issues also, your Canon printer may not respond properly to the commands. Many users feel so much of perplexity to get rid of this error. Without any response from the printer, it is very complex to spot out the issue.

Here we have listed out some common causes behind the ‘Canon Printer Not Responding’ issue. Follow up the solutions and clear your issue instantly.

Canon Printer Not Responding Troubleshooter

Windows troubleshooter tool is a very common tool known by all the Windows users and in most of the cases, it seems to be not helpful, but it also helped out at some issues. So, don’t miss to undergo this step and solve the error in a very simple way and carry out the upcoming steps to access the printer troubleshooter tool and fix the issue.

  • Go to the Run menu and give the input corresponding to troubleshooting and click the enter button
  • On the pop-up window, scroll through the options, tap the printer and then go for the ‘Run the troubleshooter’ option
  • The troubleshooter tool will start its steps to find out the problems associated with the printer and its driver
  • If any error is found, click the option ‘Apply this fix’ and go on with the on-screen guidelines and then restart your PC and printer

Checking Out Troubles in the Network Connection

Before moving into the technical troubleshooting aspects, first, check out whether your network connection is working properly or not.

  • So, start the process by connecting the printer and computer to the same Wi-Fi network that you have opted for
  • In case of Ethernet connections, check out the cable using is defect-free and working properly
  • If any of the above steps is found to be not working properly, remove the cable connections, turn off all the devices and reconnect again
  • Also, for the wireless connection mode, try to connect any other device and check the wireless signal strength
  • If it is weak, then just change the router to offer potential signal strength for your printer

Turning off Firewall Security

  • Sometimes, the printer is not detected because of the dedicated firewalls and some other miscellaneous antivirus sites
  • Many users are facing this issue and claimed that the issue is cleared after disabling the firewall software if any installed
  • So just, go for the programs and features option under the control panel in your PC and uninstall/remove any third-party applications in the list
  • Uninstall the antivirus software and check out the Canon Printer Not Responding issue

Removing Canon Drivers

  • To begin with, press the windows button and R to enter the Run box
  • In the pop-up window, enter ‘DELDRV64.EXE’ and open the uninstaller
  • Go on with the on-screen instructions to uninstall the driver from the PC and restart
  • Now, go to the printer options, and type the WEP password to connect with the wireless network
  • Get the appropriate printer driver software from the Canon official site, install in your computer and connect
  • Go for a final restart and now check the Canon Printer is responding or not

Altering the Port

  • Communication between the printer and the computer is a significant thing
  • In case of connecting your printer and computer using the USB cable, your cable should be efficient one to detect the printer properly
  • So, check out your cable and connected port in the PC carefully
  • Connect the USB cable to any other port if available and check out, the printer is detecting or not
  • Always, ensure to use the original USB cable that packed along with your printer in the package
  • Using miscellaneous cable wires may lead to failure in the printer steps

Just reach out our team by calling the toll-free number +1-844-373-1910 and get assistance for furthermore steps to solve the Canon Printer Not Responding issue or visit Canon Printer Customer Service for more help.

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