Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is designed to indemnify as we collect sensitive information from our users. We collect personal information including full name, address, telephone numbers, emails, etc., through registration forms and other interactive means. Furthermore, we may even collect financial information, only where a transaction is likely. At all these times, we handle the storage of this information very carefully and ensure that we are following every regulatory norm. This information is not dissipated, distributed or reconstructed in any form to provide to third parties or anyone else unless the law enforcement department asks for it. Other than that, your information is stored as per all guidelines issued across information technology best practices.

Cookies are engaged as per cookie policies that gather relevant information from the client for processing. We collect such information only after your permission and consent. The moment you start cruising through the website, it means, that you have already offered such an agreement.

For all defined pronouns refer to our terms of use document and for indemnity, refer to our disclaimer document.

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